New Staff Highlight: Mrs. Kimberly Chirpich

Kim Chirpich

Each morning, when students walk into the building, they’re greeted by a Liberty-umbrella-toting smiling face (at least, some days there's an umbrella and most days it's a smile…some days it’s just that her face has frozen that way). Her name is Kimberly Chirpich, and she’s a 5th grade teacher and our Lower School Coordinator.

Mrs. Chirpich joined the Liberty Classical staff this past summer after a decade in the corporate world (in the financial services industry) and several years at New Life Academy in Woodbury. She’s an impressive event planner. She’s a world traveler, preferring London and the Caribbean over other places she’s been. She loves the fall in Minnesota, but just wishes it didn’t lead into winter. She’s a mom to Blake and a wife to Michael. She’s been a college and career guidance counselor. She’s pursuing a Guidance Certificate through a Christian organization called NACCAP. She’s been a committed volunteer for several organizations. She’s an educator at heart and she’s a leader by design.

Now we’re glad to say that she’s joined us to help build something truly spectacular here at Liberty Classical Academy, especially within our Lower School.

Why Liberty?

The passion and joy that Kimberly experienced when she first visited Liberty Classical was enough to convince her to make a move from her previous post. As she heard Rebekah Hagstrom’s heart for the school, the students, the classical model of education, and the potential to truly impact the culture for Christ, she discovered quickly that she was completely on board. She knew that her background in both corporate and servant leadership had prepared her to carry this school’s mission forward. She also knew that her passion for quality education hadn’t faded in her years outside the classroom.

When asked about the reason for joining the team at Liberty Classical, Mrs. Chirpich responded with a series of answers. Classical education is great. She loves its potential to impact lives by taking students back to the basics of what it means to learn according to their design. Christian education is important, because it helps kids connect with God in every area of life, not just on Sundays or in Bible class. But the reason? When pressed, her real drive and passion for education is about seeing excitement in students’ eyes; having the chance to share life with students and see them come to life as they discover the beauty in learning.

Her biggest challenge? Mrs. Chirpich has one very big hurdle that she’s trying to overcome. She’s got a lot of names to learn. A lot of names.

Mrs. Chirpich has done everything from a week of Marine Corps training and a try out for the Amazing Race to appearances in a Greg Kinnear movie, commercials, and music videos for something called Matt Dodge and the Lobsters. She’s traveled the world and has seen the places where history unfolded. She’s learned new businesses, tried new things, and pursued new adventures.

But the work she’s most proud of, it would seem, is something we witness each morning. She stands out front, holding her Liberty umbrella, and greets her students as they start their day.

Welcome to Liberty Classical Academy Mrs. Chirpich.