More than a Classroom

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Opportunities for our Students

There’s a lot more to Liberty Classical than what happens in the classrooms from 8 to 3 each day. And there’s a lot more for our students to take part in than just homework.

Did you know…

Liberty Classical has a Chess Club

Kids are having their minds sharpened as they learn to think ahead and think logically with Mr. Fisher and our Chess Club! Those who joined the club (which is already full this year) learn standard openings (like the 4-move "Scholar's Mate"), cool tactics (like the "Fearsome Fork"), solve puzzles ("Solve the 3-move Checkmate"), and, above all, play LOTS OF CHESS! The club wraps up in November with a final tournament to crown the champion.

mock trialLiberty Classical has a Mock Trial Team

Students who love drama, debate and the legal system will have a blast with Liberty’s Mock Trial team as they compete against other schools in the Minnesota State Bar Association Mock Trial program. Meetings will be flexible with a general time of 3:15-4:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There will be Saturday tournaments and regional competitions beginning in January. For more detailed information, contact Kathy Smith at


Liberty Classical has a Lego League

Legos aren’t just for rainy afternoons or building worlds in your basement. The Liberty Classical Academy Lego League, led by Dr. Sheard and Mr. Acosta, gives our students the chance to create and innovate together. It’s the principles of physics and engineering at work in a playful, collaborative setting.

Get Connected

Those are just a few of the enriching opportunities we have here that make Liberty Classical a great place to send our kids. Find out other ways to be involved by staying plugged in to Parent Connect, talking to your child’s teacher, and paying attention to the weekly e-news.

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