Middle School Speech Meet

Middle School Speech Meet will take place on Wednesday, May 2, in a conference room on the church side of the building. We hope you can join us! We also understand that many parents have work at that time, so please know that in your absence, we will be cheering on your student(s)!

It will be held in the same room in which Middle School Speech Meet has been held for the last couple years. St. Pius has graciously allowed us the use of the room for the day. If you do not know where to find the room, please stop by the office, and Mette Johnson will direct you.

The Speech Meet is divided up by grade as follows:

6th: 8:30-9:20 am
7th: 9:40-10:50 am
8th: 11:10-12:20 am.

Students will be observing their classmates only, not the other grades, but please feel free to attend as many grades as you would like. A slight change from last year is that we will not be hosting mini-receptions between the events. There should still be plenty of time between each grade, however, to congratulate the speakers and converse with other parents.