Meet Kristine Beale

Meet Kristine Beale

1st Grade Teacher at Liberty Classical

Have you ever considered making a change? Not something small…but the kind of drastic change that will take your passions and strengths and align them with your talents and abilities? The kind of change that redirects your days and ultimately your life?

Change like that requires both a serious sense of adventure and a serious level of commitment.

Kristine Beale, our new first grade teacher, has both.

She will tell you of her love for adventure (like attending ski school in Colorado) and she will show you her level of commitment (like homeschooling her three sons, a deep involvement at Liberty Classical, and the list goes on). She has a passion for students and a love for good curriculum (she calls herself a “curriculum junky”). This is probably what makes her an ideal fit for teaching at Liberty Classical.

She’s certainly not new to our school; she’s just new to this role. For the last ten years, she has been a teacher’s aide, a substitute, a volunteer, and an advocate for students’ success.

When asked what she likes about Liberty Classical, as compared to her experience teaching in other private school, public school, and even homeschool settings, she said, “Without his teachers (at Liberty Classical), our son wouldn’t have succeeded.”

And that is what led her to take on this new adventure.

“I love Liberty Classical because everyone’s so invested in your family. They really know your kids. Even the smart kids in a class have things they need to work on, and the teachers know that. The teachers worry about kids’ hearts AND their grades. They help develop identities while teaching them the curriculum.”

We asked Mrs. Beale why she liked the prospect of teaching 1st grade.

Her response:

“I love little kids because I have so many big kids at home. I love their enthusiasm, creativity, and hunger to know more. They get excited with statements like, ‘It’s time to do cursive’ and they thrive in the order and structure of a classroom.”

The adventure that Mrs. Beale finds herself on involves a dozen or so 1st grade students who will spend the year discovering a world that God made just for them. It is a journey with students who will discover new and great things out about themselves as they begin to learn what they are truly capable of.

And it will be an adventure where students can discover their own serious sense of adventure and serious level of commitment.

Welcome to Liberty Classical, Kristine Beale. Enjoy the new adventure!