Liberty Classical Alumni Spotlight: Anders Hagstrom


For 2013 Liberty Classical graduate Anders Hagstrom, there’s no slowing down. There never has been.

From the work he put in as a Liberty student to the plans he made for his future, he’s a driven man with a passion for truth and excellence.

Anders graduated from college several months ago. He then moved across the country to Washington, D.C. where he writes 17 articles a week about criminal justice reform and social awareness issues as a justice reporter and political journalist for the Daily Caller. You can read his work here.

For the Daily Caller, Anders is constantly on the phone and online, researching and writing stories and news scripts. He’s always in front of his computer or in front of a camera, investigating and reporting stories, tracking down leads, and talking to decision-makers. He’s found himself on a platform from which he speaks about issues that matter to him…and should matter to everyone.

Anders started his work at the Daily Caller while he was still a student at Hillsdale College, where he earned a degree in politics with a minor in journalism. If you’re not familiar with them, Hillsdale is a great school with competitive enrollment and challenging programs. It’s known for its high standards and for the scholars and influencers it produces. For Anders, choosing a school like Hillsdale wasn’t an anomaly. It was a decision based on what he already knew about himself and about the world. He never considered that he should compromise his standards when it came to choosing a college or setting his course. He didn’t go where it would be easy or convenient and he didn’t hesitate to set a direction for his life. He chose his path based on the training he’d received.

Something He Discovered

College, even one like Hillsdale, didn’t give Anders harder work to do…it just gave him more. In fact, for his whole freshman year, he wasn’t required to read anything he hadn’t already either read or been exposed to as a student at Liberty Classical Academy. In other words, education after Liberty was a time to continue what had already started. College was where he started to hone his craft and further develop who he, in many ways, already knew he was.

And that’s the narrative we are continually seeing unfold with Liberty graduates. Because our students are trained to ask and answer the most challenging questions both philosophically and practically, and because they’ve learned to identify truth with reason, and because they’ve interacted with good and bad ideas and considered their implications, they are entering the broader educational space with a distinct advantage.

They can think. They can understand. They can lead.

And because of that, just like with Anders, opportunities are opening up to them.

So What’s Next?

When asked about his goals, Anders says that he wants to go even deeper with journalism, specifically video journalism. He wants to disseminate the messages that media is (or isn’t) talking about. He wants to lead better conversations with a broader audience about bigger issues.

And because there’s no slowing him down, it seems we’d be wise to continue to watch his story unfold.

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