Liberty Classical Alumni Spotlight: Justina Proue

Justina Proue

Liberty Classical Academy was recently blessed to have alumnus Justina Proue share about her life and activity since her 2009 graduation.

Please share your activities post-graduation from Liberty Classical Academy.

After graduating from Liberty, I attended college at the University of Minnesota—Twin Cities, originally hoping to go into medicine. Over the course of my undergraduate course work, I realized that I was more inclined toward the people aspect of the medical field and decided to pursue nursing. I went to nursing school at the University of Minnesota—Rochester, where I was able to do my clinical rotations at Mayo Clinic. I chose to work with the thoracic ICU for my immersion experience. After graduating, I began working as a nurse on the Orthopedic Trauma floor at Mayo Clinic, where I am still working today. I am hoping to return to school for my nurse practitioner degree in the near future. I have also done some freelance lifestyle modeling on the side for various photographers and companies and participated in a few runway shows for local designers, which I enjoy.

Do you feel Liberty Classical prepared you well for college/post-secondary education/work-force?

I feel that Liberty Classical Academy taught me how to work with others in a positive way. The staff truly cared about the students and taught us how to look beneath the surface, looking for the best in everyone. This has carried over into my work environment and has helped me to try to treat everyone with respect and patience.

Name one invaluable thing you received from Liberty Classical Academy.

One invaluable thing that I received from Liberty Classical was the feeling of family. Mrs. Hagstrom truly cared about each student as if they were her own children, and I felt that I could tell her anything. The friendships I built there and the love the teachers all had for their students will stay with me.

Provide an example or a scenario where you can directly tie the value of learning from Liberty Classical Academy.

At Liberty Classical, I was taught the best way to learn something is to be self-motivated and take responsibility for the material. When I was in nursing school in Rochester, we almost never got to see the professors in person; generally done over television monitors. I used the self-motivation I learned from Liberty Classical Academy to learn the material despite the lack of physical presence of teachers, which really aided my overall knowledge.

What are your future plans and goals?

I am currently a nurse at Mayo Clinic. I am hoping to continue with my education and become a nurse practitioner. I am in the process of researching schools that will help me with this goal.

Any good advice for current Liberty Classical Academy students?

Work your hardest, but also know when to have fun. You only get to be this age once, so make the most of it and enjoy the awesome staff that is available to you!

Justina Proue and family

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