Kindergarten at Liberty – Worth Taking a Look

kindergarten open house

On January 23rd, our next Kindergarten Open House will be at Liberty Classical Academy. This is a chance for families to consider whether kindergarten at Liberty is the right choice for their child.

Kindergarten is a big decision

It’s where children learn the rules of life and the foundations of learning. They learn social interaction. They learn boundaries and independence. They learn to practice, to fail, to try, and to succeed. They learn to share. They learn to compete. They learn to (and LOVE to) memorize. They learn to extend forgiveness. They learn to ask for it. They learn the foundations they’ll need for the rest of their lives in some of the most practical ways. They learn it through routine. They learn it through play.

Preparing your child for Kindergarten

The richness and excitement of introducing your little ones to learning in kindergarten is why we’ve asked one of our kindergarten teachers, Tonya Kronschnabel, to compile her list of MUSTS when it comes to preparing your child for kindergarten. Mrs. K, as she’s affectionately known among her students, is in her 8th year of teaching at Liberty Classical. And in her 19 years of teaching, between Liberty, New Zealand, and Australia, all but 4 years of them have been as a full-time kindy teacher.

Mrs. K's Kindergarten Preparation Tips

Here are some of Mrs. K’s tips on how to get your child ready for kindergarten:

  • Go to the library and get lots of books to read to your child.
  • Help them practice writing their name, even in all capitals.
  • Help them practice holding and using scissors correctly.
  • Help them practice saying the alphabet and, if you have a set of letters, putting them in order.
  • When in the car, ask your child to notice shapes all around them.
  • See how high your child can count. Try getting a little higher each time.
  • Expect your child to be able to sit at the table and eat for 10 minutes or so without getting up or down. Attending to the task of eating at the table is great practice for table work at school. If they cannot sit and eat for 10 minutes, it may be tricky for them to keep focused on the rotating activities of a classroom.
  • If your child has a summer birthday and you are in any way hesitant to send them, trust your gut. School can wait, and some children really benefit from an extra pre-kindergarten year. Choosing to wait an extra year is in no way a reflection of a child’s intelligence. In fact, there are studies that suggest that sending a child to school too early can be detrimental. Consult your kindy teacher if you need a second opinion.

Kindergarten is a big step for kids, and as a parent, you have an important decision to make. To see what makes kindergarten at Liberty Classical worth looking at, RSVP for the Liberty Classical Academy Kindergarten Open House.

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