It’s Teacher Appreciation Week

It’s our teachers who make our school all that it is. The personal attention. Their passion for good thinking…good art…good music and literature and living. This week, our parents have gotten together to try to show our teachers a small token of our appreciation. It’s a small expression of enormous gratitude.

If we were to spend time truly honoring every one of our teachers and the hard work they have put in to our students, we’d be writing forever. We are grateful.

Get to Know Our Teachers

Mrs Horn Teacher of the Year5th Grade Teacher, Mrs. Horn

Mrs. Horn was recently honored with the “Teacher of the Year” award from KTIS. Solidifying her qualifications for this award was her humility and her strong faith in God. She’s an amazing advocate for our students…one who pours her entire life into their development.

Kindergarten Teacher, Mrs. Kronschnable

Mrs. K turns learning into an experience with her kindergartners, teaching them through activities and experiences, and showing them how to live in relationship with one another. She embodies the popular poster we’ve all seen that says, “Everything I’ve Ever Needed, I Learned in Kindergarten.”

Kim ChirpichLower School Principal & Teacher, Kim Chirpich

Each morning, rain or shine, our students are greeted with a smiling face. Mrs. Chirpich is new to Liberty this year and has made it her home very quickly. She cheers on her staff, loves her students, and willingly participates in flash mobs.

Anna BrooksLatin Teacher, Mrs. Brooks

Anna Brooks has stepped into her role at Liberty with passion and vision. She grew up learning in the classical model. She even has a degree in the classics. She helps kids translate and understand the Iliad, while also helping equip our staff with killer moves on the dance floor.

Brent FischerApologetics Teacher, Brent Fisher

He’s a natural leader and learner, a lifelong student of God and humanity who also gets to teach for a living. He shapes our students with honest dialog about deep things, and does it while making these complex ideas accessible.

Caitlin Elkins1st Grade Teacher, Mrs. Elkins

“Teaching is a call that you can’t deny.” These words ring true for Caitlyn Elkins as she leads our students in the fundamentals of learning and living. She has committed herself to building students who become leaders in thought and in action, and she does it with creativity.

2nd Grade Teacher, Miss Holbrook

When it comes to 2nd graders, Julie loves them because it’s the age when they start to learn on their own. They develop a love for reading. They think independently and join different ideas for the first time. It gives Julie the chance to connect kids to the world of possibilities that she herself loves to explore.

Physical Education Teacher, Juliana Brahs

Miss Brahs views physical fitness as an expression of spiritual existence. She trains our students in physical education because it’s a way to teach them about the way they’re created. It’s ultimately another way to introduce them to God and His love for them.

Theater and Performing Arts Teacher, Dr. Kim Kokx

The arts have fueled Dr. Kokx since at least the 7th grade, when she joined a school that emphasized them. In that school, she found a place where learning made sense. Even math was in reach as she began to view learning through the lens of creative expression. As she grew, so did her love for the craft as well as her passion to see it restored.

And the List Goes On

You can find more highlights, more bios, and more summaries by sifting through the Liberty blog. You’ll find discussions about art and literature, mock trial, athletics, and myriad of other expressions of learning here at Liberty Classical.

Thank you, Liberty teachers, for all you do to build lives that inspire.