It’s Graduation Season!

Graduation Season

In the last year or so at Liberty Classical Academy, we’ve expanded our language to reflect what we feel every year when we watch our graduates walk across the stage and receive their diplomas. It’s bigger than what can be measured by test scores and scholarship awards, even though we are excited to see the difference a Liberty education makes. And it’s measured over the course of a life.

At Liberty Classical, we’re building lives that experience what is true, good, and beautiful, and then are changed by it. We’re building lives that are different; lives that aren’t defying culture, but defining it. We’re building lives that inspire people to dream bigger dreams and take better risks. We’re building lives that inspire creativity, hope, wisdom, depth, compassion, imagination, integrity, and leadership. We’re building lives that inspire.

To the Parents of the Class of 2018

You did it. When easier roads were opened to you, you didn’t take them. You could have gone the way that others have gone. One where you could save money by sending your students down the PSEO track or to a public school so you could spend money later for college. Or one where your kids aren’t going to a school that is quite so rigorous, quite so demanding. Or any number of other options. But instead, you committed to something as a family. You sacrificed. You endured. You gave. And now you get to watch as your student walks the stage and starts an adventure that they’ve been prepared for. Be honored for choosing this path.

To the Class of 2018

You did it. With all the demands and requirements. The senior thesis. The debates. The presentations. The days you thought would never end and the ones you hoped wouldn’t. You could have gone a different path as well. You could have pushed against us. Maybe you did at times. And maybe you pushed against your parents at times. But you still kept going. You still stepped up and recognized something within yourself that we saw in you all along. And now you’re wrapping it up.

So now it’s time for us to send you out. We aren’t sending you unprepared. You’ve learned what it means to think for yourself. You’ve learned the difference between good and bad thinking, between truth and lies, between beauty and anything less. You’ve studied things that an unfortunate minority of people your age have studied. You’ve had conversations, learned language, and read books that, if you understand them, will light a life-long fire within you.

We have prepared you with tools to think and build with. Tools to leave places better than you find them. Tools to clean up the messiness of bad logic or bad living. Tools to inspire hope and purpose in people you meet.

But don’t ever worry about trying to inspire people toward something. Don’t worry about trying to look brilliant or capable or compelling or funny or deserving or good. Don’t worry about trying to show people all that you are or all that you’ve learned. Don’t worry about any of that. Just live what you know is true, good, and beautiful.

To Our Liberty Classical Community

Graduation isn’t just the end of a season. It’s also a new season for our students, families, staff, and our whole community. As our community changes…as students grow and graduate and new students step into different leadership roles…our culture changes. It’s good. The more we see these changes happen, the more we learn about who we are.

And the more we learn about who we are and work together to build something truly spectacular, the more we can see lives that inspire walking out of our doors and into a world in desperately short supply of truth, goodness, and beauty.

Congratulations Class of 2018

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