Ideas to Agree On

Education Nation Logo WhiteAn Introduction to Liberty Classical’s Rebekah Hagstrom and Marc Durkin and their Radio Program “Education Nation”

There are certain ideas when it comes to education that just about everyone would agree on.

Ideas like:

“Good education helps everyone…kids, families, communities, and society as a whole.” “Everyone deserves a good education.”
“Generally, parents should be trusted to know what’s best for their children.”

These ideas don’t need to be taught. They don’t need to be defended. They’re just true, at least generally speaking. Now how those ideas get implemented and how we’ll know we’re succeeding—that’s where conversations start happening. There are a lot of ideas surrounding the how and why of education. Some of them are ideas many people will agree on. Some of them are not. Some are ideas about how to educate. Some are about why. What works? What doesn’t? What’s important? What’s most important? What’s a distraction from that? What’s education’s purpose in the life of a child? Does it prepare students for a job? Or something less tangible? More tangible? How do we measure success?

Sometimes the ideas we’re discussing here get us into some interesting, even hostile, conversations. In some contexts, rejecting public education will get you rejected. In others, endorsing it will do the same thing. Sometimes the ideas lead someone to run for public office. Sometimes the ideas lead someone to leave the public altogether.

Whatever the idea, there needs to be conversation about it. And that conversation needs to start from a place that is true and good. Because good things aren’t built by chance. Good things come from good ideas. And as the adage goes, “Ideas have consequences.”

Every Saturday at 6 PM on AM 1280 the Patriot, Liberty Classical Academy’s headmaster Rebekah Hagstrom hosts a radio program along with Marc Durkin called Education Nation. It’s here that we are talking about ideas to agree on. It leads the conversation about education…about what works, what matters…from the place of ideas that are true and good.

If you haven’t listened, tune in this Saturday at 6 PM for our first episode of our new season of shows (and our first ever episode on AM 1280 the Patriot)! You can also check out past episodes here.