FACTS Tips from the Finance Director

Helpful FACTS tips:

Incidental Billing — How it works:

We often get questions from parents asking why they can’t go online to pay for a lunch order while they’re filling out their order form. The answer is that you can’t pay on FACTS until the school adds charges to your account. (This is a common feature of school online payment systems, ensuring that your money only goes exactly where intended.)

For example, if you want to pay for lunch, the school will receive your order, compile the charges, and then add the charges to your FACTS account. Carolyn (our bookkeeper) typically adds charges to FACTS on the Thursday of each week, from the lists she has received from other departments like Lunch.

When a charge is added to your account, FACTS will send you an email. You can either click the link in the email to pay, or you can wait for payment to pull on the invoice’s due date. That due date is always listed in the email, is at least ten days out, and is preceded by a second ‘reminder’ email before any payment pulls.

The address from which FACTS sends emails is not monitored; if you click “Reply”, your email will not be read. If you need help, email their customer service or Carolyn at bookeeping@libertyclassicalacademy.org.