Entrance and Exit Policy Reminder

A few reminders and clarifications regarding the process of coming to and leaving school.

Please always check in at the Front Desk, even if you are just dropping something off. If you are late dropping a student off, please sign them in or have the student sign themselves in. (Middle/Upper School only).

If you, the parent, are staying at school anytime between 8:10-3:10, come to the desk and sign in. When you leave, please sign out.

If you pick up your student during school hours, for any reason, please sign them out at the front desk, even for regularly scheduled appointments.

If you would like your student to meet you outside during regular school hours, please call the front desk and I will sign them out at the scheduled time. Remind your student to always come to the front desk when they return. I will give them an excused pass to go back to class.

Please only use the main double doors to enter the school during school hours. This is important for both students and our community.

Thank you for following these procedures, we want to continue to make school a vibrant and fun place to be, and above all, safe and secure for all.

Mette Johnson – Liberty Front Desk
651-772-2777 ext. 0