Congratulations to the Liberty Classical Academy Soccer Team!

varsity soccer

Head coach Trey Thompson and the Liberty Classical Academy varsity soccer team have finished another impressively successful season, demonstrating a dominance that other teams strive for. Their final record was 9-5-1. Their dominance had to do with possession. Coach Thompson’s focus, in each practice and during each huddle, was teaching our players to maintain possession of the ball. It was never about being the fastest or biggest players. It wasn’t about showmanship or physical dominance. It was about maintaining control. So our guys worked on foot skills…a lot. They were coached to pass the ball and never lose possession. They learned discipline and hard work, recognizing that the possession game requires a team who works and plays well together; who trusts each other. And the result was a season, and a team, that dominated the field.

The highlight of the season for Coach Thompson?

Trey Thompson

Coach Thompson

Winning the Bethany game. It was the homecoming game and our guys played some of the best soccer they could have played. They completed an astonishing 87% of their passes and possessed the ball 90% of the game. How frustrating for our opponents! It was the perfect picture of a team that works together to do exactly what they’d been trained to do.

The best part of this team?

It was beyond their success on the playing field. It was character and leadership; the way they looked out for each other. Each one carried their own responsibilities, from organizing practices to managing equipment and initiating team prayer. Each stepped into their own roles, with seniors taking on the responsibility to lead in character and action and with younger players being prepared to lead in the years to come.

So if you missed this year’s soccer season, you missed a good one. It was a season of dominance and humility. You missed a team that worked together to control the game from start to finish; a team that listened to the instruction and wisdom of an incredible coach like Trey Thompson; a team that reflected what we want to be about at Liberty Classical Academy: Excellence in everything we do.