Preparing Them for
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The Liberty Classical
College Readiness Program.

From preparing for tests to choosing the right college,
Liberty Classical's College Readiness Program
helps awaken each student to their unique design,
giving them direction and support at each step.

How It Works

9th Grade

Starting the Conversation: Students in 9th grade aren’t always ready (or willing) to think seriously about college and career plans. But that doesn’t stop us from engaging them in a steadily growing conversation about their interests and passions. In 9th grade, we introduce the topic and get them thinking differently about themselves and the world around them.

Strong Interest Inventory: This test assesses a person’s interests and gives correlating ideas for college majors and career ideas. This inventory is helpful when working with students to instigate intentionality and awareness around what specifically holds their interest in their world. It’s a great starting point to the bigger conversation.

10th Grade

College Planning Kick Off: During the spring semester of the sophomore year, students and parents attend their first “College Planning” meeting. Here, families can learn about the process of college and career planning and can start working toward a practical plan for managing the process well. They also begin to build momentum toward the bigger steps in this college and career decision-making process.

Meyers Briggs Type Indicator: The MBTI assesses various components of individual personalities and categorizes them based on how a person engages with the world, takes in information, makes decisions, and organizes life.

11th Grade

Tutoring: Tutors become available to students as they prepare for college entrance exams.

Strengths Finder: This test helps people discover and assess their own strengths. It was originally developed to help people develop their strengths rather try to fix their shortcomings. As our students mature, the StrengthsFinder assessment allows them to gain a greater understanding of who they are and how they’re wired. They can begin to understand what kinds of roles and opportunities they should be looking for and how they work with others.

12th Grade

College Counseling: Individual meetings with counselor regularly take place. Student and counselor look at all three personality and strengths assessments, consider available opportunities, and make plans for next steps. 

College Applications and Support: In their senior year, the students meet with the college counselor to finalize and submit their college applications, including the application form and supporting documents. Students are also given assistance, as needed, on completing any special requirements  from their chosen college.

Dena Hinkle LibertyMeet Dena Hinkle, College Counselor
Dena Hinkle has built something great for Liberty Classical’s Upper School students. It equips them with knowledge and gives them tools to make good choices. It gives them direction and wisdom while giving them someone to walk beside on the journey.

And the best part: it gives them the hope that they deserve to have for their futures. Read More

College Trip: At any point during their upper school education, students can take part in a school-sponsored college visit to various locations around the country. This will expose students to the types of challenging and promising opportunities available to them as a student at Liberty Classical Academy. These visits often involve visiting a historically rich area (such as Washington D.C.) as well as various prominent schools in that area (such as George Washington, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, etc.).

College & Career Counseling: In the fall of their junior year, Liberty students and their parents/guardians meet with the college counselor to dive into the college search process. They gain an understanding of the ACT and SAT and how to best prepare for them. They acquire resources for improving essay writing for college entrance applications and scholarship competitions, and can, as needed, individually discuss their unique circumstances. In early spring, students and their parents/guardians meet again with the college counselor to discuss their junior PSAT scores, track their progress in the college search process, and confirm they have registered to take the ACT and SAT.

The Liberty Classical
College Readiness Program

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