Butter Braid Fundraiser

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The One and Only...Butter Braid!

A Liberty Classical Academy Parent Connect Annual Fundraiser.
October 6 - October 27
Order forms along with payment are due in the office anytime during the week of Oct 23rd-27th

Is it that time again? Yes! Mouth watering Butter Braid time! We are kicking off our annual Liberty Parent Connect Butter Braid fundraiser!

What is Parent Connect?

It is a LCA committee that exists to involve, engage, and connect all Liberty families to the school and to one another.

When does Parent Connect meet?

The first Friday of every month, after drop-off, in the LCA library, with coffee and a morning breakfast snack! The little ones are welcome to tag along!

Who may attend Parent Connect?

Any parent, grandparent, or guardian of an LCA student. The Butter Braid fundraiser makes up a significant portion of Parent Connect’s budget.

Why does Parent Connect need a budget?

Parent Connect uses its money to serve and minister to our LCA community. For example, Parent Connect helps to organize and fund family socials after the Christmas Program and Fine Arts Night. In the past, Parent Connect has provided dinner to teachers on parent conference days. Last year Parent Connect purchased a storage container for all the wonderful props and sets for the awesome performances Dr. Kokx produces with our kiddos. Parent Connect was also able to purchase recycling bins for our school. What a wonderful way to bless our school, teachers and families!

So, please ask your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to support your child and LCA by purchasing the delicious Butter Braid pastry delights!

Important Dates

Start Selling: October 6th
Sale Ends: October 27th

Turn in Forms and Money: The week of October 23rd-27th Butter Braid Pick-up: November 13th at LCA, 3pm

Important Information

  • You may accept cash and/or personal checks made out to Liberty Classical Academy.
  • Please double check the money you receive and make sure it matches up with the orders.
  • Make sure that a Butter Braid choice is made on the order form with each order.
  • The money WITH the order forms are due in the office, to Mette Johnson, anytime during the week of October 23rd through October 27th.
  • The deadline for the order forms is Friday, October 27th.
  • Please try your best to pick up the Butter Braids on November 13th as they are delivered frozen.

Happy selling,
The Parent Connect Committee

Questions? Contact:
Andrea Heikkinen: andrea.heikkinen@yahoo.com

Michelle Presley: mlp2909@yahoo.com