Building Lives that Inspire – Volunteer Edition


We're all working together

At Liberty Classical, we rely on the hard work of our leadership, staff, and faculty in so many details of our school. The faculty work closely with our students in the day-to-day of a Liberty education. Our staff support our goals and keep our facilities, our operations, and our programs running smoothly. Leadership is tasked with setting goals and the strategic direction of the school as we continue to grow. Each person who works here gives of their time sacrificially with their own unique roles and responsibilities. They work together to make sure that Liberty is able to accomplish our purpose of building lives that inspire.

While some of us are front and center and some of us are in the background, we’re all working together out of a shared desire to build something truly spectacular for our students. In that, there’s one role we haven’t talked about yet. It’s one that’s essential and often overlooked.

Our volunteers

Without our volunteers - our facilities, our operations, and our programs - wouldn’t be where they are today. From the dads who help stack chairs after an event in the gym to the moms who help our students memorize their Bible verse, each volunteer helps move Liberty toward our goal. Each time a parent, grandparent, or friend gives of their time and energy to build what we’re doing, they’re making a contribution to Liberty’s efforts.

What we especially love to see with our volunteers is when a parent’s particular area of passion collides with an area of need here at Liberty. For the dad who loves photography - we need pictures taken all the time, at nearly every event. So connect with us about what events we could use you at. For the parent who loves sports and knows that if coach would have put you in, you would’ve won state - we need coaches, scorekeepers, and assistants. You can use your experience and ability to build our ever-expanding sports program here. For those who love to work with students and those who love to plan events; for those with an eye for the arts and those with a knack for fixing things, opportunities are everywhere. You simply have to know what you like to do.

When an email is sent out asking for volunteers for a specific job, we know what we’re asking. You do a lot. We know that the thought of finding time to volunteer often seems like a stretch. But we also know that our volunteers help keep this school affordable for so many of our families. And we know that there are going to be opportunities that come up that align with something you truly care about.

Invitation to volunteer

So we invite you to volunteer if you haven’t done so yet. It’s rewarding and it’s needed.

Take part in the life-changing education that’s happening here at Liberty Classical Academy by contributing of your time and passion. You can fill out a volunteer form or contact the main office for more information.

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