A Volunteer Profile: Steve and Laura Slings

Volunteering at Liberty

Last week, we talked about volunteering. Sometimes that message feels a little bit like the Sunday that your pastor talks about tithing. It’s hard to talk about; hard to listen to.

But our heart in this is simply to connect very real needs at our school with people in our community with very unique passions and abilities.

People like Liberty parents Steve and Laura Slings.

Steve and Laura Slings didn’t necessarily intend to find a way to volunteer at Liberty. Instead, they were sitting in the library during Speech Meet and started noticing ways that the library could be more usable. They had also heard that the library database had been lost. They knew there was a significant need in front of them and started investigating how to meet this need. Since they both are detail-oriented and felt a burden to see some changes, they caught a vision for something they could do.

What did they do…exactly?

Functionality and Organization

Steve and Laura merged an unorganized, somewhat chaotic (and a bit antiquated) St. Pius library book collection with Liberty’s collection. They pulled outdated material and saved some gems. They moved children’s picture books and Easy Readers to browsing boxes that Steve built so that they are now at the kids’ eye level. With this they also color coded all the picture books and Easy Readers, making it very easy for the kids to put books back. They barcoded each book for an easier check in/check out process. Half of the library (they still are working on the Non-Fiction section) is now in a searchable computer library system, making it easier for kids, teachers, and Mrs Johnson to find specific books or topics.

When asked about their involvement at Liberty, the Slings referred us to a devotional they read daily that said this:

“Enthusiasm is infectious…Stir one another up to pray, serve and give. You will be astonished by how God is able to multiply your [contribution] and do more than you could ever ask or even imagine.”

You get this sense when you talk to them that this was a passion project for them. When Steve and Laura Slings decided they wanted to be involved at Liberty Classical Academy, it was based on what they cared about and what they are good at. It was a way to connect a very real need at Liberty to their own abilities. And now, we have a library that is becoming more welcoming, more usable, and more enjoyable. Now our library is better...and Liberty Classical Academy is better too.

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