A Liberty Education on Stage

Senior Thesis Nights

On May 20th and 21st, you are invited to experience Senior Thesis Nights presented by the class of 2019.

These evenings are where we get to see the hard work that our seniors have put in while students at Liberty Classical Academy. They’re where we experience the way these young adults have truly been equipped to think, speak, and act. But ultimately, these evenings are about more than supporting our students and the hard work they’ve put in. They are a chance to be educated on controversial, meaningful topics from our culture and how a worldview of truth, goodness, and beauty should respond to these topics.

The Senior Thesis: How It Looks

Each senior has chosen a topic worth discussing. Usually this topic is something weighty or controversial, such as asylum for illegal immigrants or same-sex marriage. Before the evening’s event, they’ve written a 20-page research paper, studying all sides of the issue and drawing their own conclusions. During their presentations on Senior Thesis Nights, they will discuss their topics and then defend their stances to our panel of judges.

For a full list of our seniors’ topics and what night they’ll be presenting their topic, click here.

The Senior Thesis is the capstone of a Liberty education. It’s a lot of work for our students, and they should be commended for the effort they’re putting forth. Beyond the academic requirements, however, is something much simpler and more meaningful. These students have learned to think for themselves. They’ve also learned to speak for themselves. They’ve interacted with meaningful issues in our culture. They’ve dived deeply into topics that pop culture, media, religion, and public opinion have all weighed in on. They’ve learned to study. They’ve learned to think. They’ve learned to speak and to present. And now they get to use all that they’ve learned to contribute to society with meaningful dialogue about important topics of our day.

So JOIN US! We’d love to have you experience good conversations about important topics, as we support our seniors and experience a Liberty education on stage.

For more information on the evenings, click here.

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