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Why Choose Liberty Classical Academy?

Christian education, when done right, is much more than adding a Bible to your stack of textbooks and a chapel to your schedule.

"This was one of the best tours I've ever given. The students were wonderfully attentive, polite, and very well-informed. It gave me hope for the future of our country again!"
-Beryl McHale, Docent of 40 years at Minneapolis Institute of Art

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History vs. Social Studies

Social studies refer to the studies made with an intention to promote social competence.

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Why We Do What We Do: Chronological Quest

It’s time to unpack why we do what we do with Chronological Quest.

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Introducing Liberty Classical’s Meaningful Purpose

Most organizations or businesses these days have a mission statement of some sort, the best ones are a strong and succinct summary of what the organization aims to accomplish.

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Establishing a Fall Routine

As we enter the autumn season, set aside some time to plan how you want your mornings, days and evenings to feel this year, and how you can organize your time and create routines to help achieve less-stressed weekdays.

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Liberty Classical Academy

Our classrooms are awakening students to the very best in life...And equipping them to lead lives that inspire.

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