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Why Choose Liberty Classical Academy?

Christian education, when done right, is much more than adding a Bible to your stack of textbooks and a chapel to your schedule.

"I've been a homeschooling mom for 23 years and have taught 7 children.
This is the first time where I've looked at a school and thought, 'they are doing it way better than I am!'"


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Liberty Classical Academy’s Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas

Wondering what to get your child for Christmas this year? We’ve compiled our top 10 (more or less) Christmas gift ideas for the Lower, Middle, and Upper School students in your household.

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Body of Values 1: Biblical Principles

Liberty Classical Academy’s Body of Values begin with Biblical Principles. Why is this one listed first? Because it encompasses ALL the values; the rest follow naturally from the standard of Biblical Principles.

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Why Losing Matters

Winning and losing both matter. And losing matters because every loss demands an inventory of your efforts. And ultimately, every loss demands change.

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Why Winning Matters

Winning matters because it has more to do with your character and your commitment than a trophy in a case or a ribbon on your wall.

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Liberty Classical Academy

Our classrooms are awakening students to the very best in life...And equipping them to lead lives that inspire.

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