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Announcing the Lisa Treleven Presidential Scholarship Find Out More & Apply

Why Choose Liberty Classical Academy?

Christian education, when done right, is much more than adding a Bible to your stack of textbooks and a chapel to your schedule.

"I've been a homeschooling mom for 23 years and have taught 7 children.
This is the first time where I've looked at a school and thought, 'they are doing it way better than I am!'"


4 Minutes To Change Your Life
(or at least your view of education)

Our Headmaster, Rebekah Hagstrom, details the Liberty Classical distinction and why it's worth considering for you and your family.

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Meet Dena Hinkle

A life that inspires is something much more elusive…and much more exciting.

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The Lisa Treleven Presidential Scholarship Fund

Liberty Classical Academy has announced the launch of the Lisa Treleven Presidential Scholarship. The scholarship is open to any new or currently enrolled Upper School student who embodies the values that Lisa displayed.

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Body of Values 2: God, Family, Country

Liberty Classical Academy values and encourages love of God, Family and Country.

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Liberty Graduate Profile: Anders Hagstrom

For 2013 Liberty Classical graduate Anders Hagstrom, there’s no slowing down. There never has been.

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Liberty Classical Academy

Our classrooms are awakening students to the very best in life...And equipping them to lead lives that inspire.

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